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the road. north beach and calvert county reported flooded roads. route 17, spotsylvania county near bevel dean reporting water over the road. and we will continue to see the waves of rain coming through. all these counties in red reporting high water on many area roads, small creeks and streams out of their banks. ponding of water, as ell. we have a tornado watch in effect until 1:00 this afternoon for most of the region, and we'll have this rain from time to time in waves, heavy at times, allhe way in to early this evening, tapeng off and ending by midnight tonight. and then a blustery wind tomorrow as we dry out. cooling down for the weekend. erry, how is the traffic now? >> we continue to llow breaking news on the capital beltway, in maryland, with a jackknifed tractor trailer. virtually blocking the entire inr loop of t beltway, just after t exit of the i-270 spur. but before you get to old georgetown road. right now, authorities are on the scene trying to get the tractor trailer squared away. in the meantime the beltway is delayed coming up from river road, growing very, very quickly
just now coming in from northern and eastern st. mary's county into southern, now calvert and central calvert counties. this continuing to move off to the north, and will continue to track into anne arundel county in the next few minutes. so definitely stay away from windows. get to an interior room. if you don't have a basement, get into a closet if you sense that there is strong wind coming towards you. but this is going to be affecting, again, northern st. mary's county where it meets the calvert county line, and across calvert county into anne arundel county over the next ten minutes or so. this is a tornado warning. that means there is some circulation perhs now being detected on radar. don't have any reports, ground reports of any funnel clouds touching down. but we do have sense of circulation on the radar in this particular cell right now that is in calvert county, just now moving right across calvert county. in fact most of calvert county gettingome very, very heavy rain right now, and some perhaps damaging winds associated with this particular system. and maybe some thunder
you are seeing the heavy rains move toward you and frederick county. across the bay through calvert county look at the reds here. we are talking rainfall rates two to three inches an hour with accumulation almost two inches an hour in some spots. you can ' the pinks and the green. these are one hour storm totals here and some of the totals two inches here, an inch and three wears. we have had flooding in calvert county. go back to the doppler and talk about what is happening in southern maryland. we have soon some new storms come in from the northern neck. these are coming in to sane maries county and the ones down here, leonardtown out of the northern neck these guys have potential to be rotating. and potential tornado warnings. they have issued some for these down here and southern st. mary's county, saint indigos through sane maries. leonardtown, calvert county, any of these storms may go severe or even tornadic. little tornadoes but still over the next few hours. talking an it. we are looking at flood warnings with all of the rain we have had. covering the met tremendous right n
for portions of calvert and anne arundel county. it points out we're dealing with quite an unstable air massments i want to go right to the watch, warning graphic. there's a tornado watch, not a warning, but a watch in effect. because of this unstable air mass until 1 and they makes tend it longer for all counties. it's easier to say where it's not except garrett, allegany, washington and frederick county. we have a flood watch or coastal flood watch in effect for am -- almost all counties except garrett and allegany. a high wind except garrett and allegany. right now we va a flash flood warning for anne arundel, calvert, charles, pg county and st. mary's county. let's take a look at the day part. i think it's important to know we're going to get a break in the action through the midday but this is not an all clear. there will be an equally heavy amount of rain coming our way through the afternoon and the evening hours. this is going to hit us in two different waves today. expect before it's over-- it's over and done with, three to six inches of rain. >> part of interstate 70 is closed.
arundel, st. mary eisen and calvert counties until 6:00 this evening with wind gusts up to 40-45 miles per hour. the upcoming weekend looks cooler and dry. let's head over to lisa baden for an update on traffic. >> we have a jackknifed tractor trailer on the inner loop 270 before old georgetown road. a picture of traffic. leaving the american legion bridge, that's traffic the stuff heading away. so we know the impact isn't quite this far. >> lisa, we're going to stick with the rain. because low-lying parts of the region are bracing for flooding as rain continues to fall. the rain isn't going to let up anytime soon, and people are trying to hold back the rising waters. live in alexandria with the check on the conditions there. they always seem to get flooding there. courtney. >> yes. they are well used to it. especially out at the waterfront. it's something we all expect to see in alexandria, the do not enter sign right next to the potomac. while we have not seen the potomac crest over the banks yet. it could happen as we see the rain continue to fall. things are lightening up right now. bu
wind damage in, now it does appear, looks like central and north central calvert county, and now the leading edge of that storm is just entering southern anne arundel county. and this storm is traveling due north. south to north, out of calvert couy, into southern anne arundel county, with torrential rain. the main problem is going to tb flooding from all of this rain that has picked upnntensity rapidly this morning. just a couple of hours ago, it was only raining lightly to moderately. just in the last couple of hours this rain has really picked up its intensity. and it's coming down very hard throughout most of the region where you see these areas of yellow. those are the pockets of the torrential downpours where likely creeks and streams are near banks or out of their banks and flowing across roads. watch out for the high water. again it's dark. you can't tell how high the water is when you're driving along, and you could encounter that very, very heavy rain, and reducing visibility, so reduce your speed, and it really, unless you absolutely have to get out this morning, this
around southern maryland and calvert and st. mary's county. the furthest point north, anne arundel. tornado watch until 1:00. whenever we talk of better tornado, we talk about wind shear and it amounts to a change in wind direction with height. there is that in play today because there is such a tropical mass of moisture that continues to inundate us. that is where you have the potential for rotation. if you are to gibson island all we north to annapolis, you need to take a rise of these tornado warning tips, tornadoes safety. find safe shelter, stay indoors. lois level of the home and an interior room in absence of that. stay out of your vehicle. as if the roads were not treacherous and up, look at this doppler. we slowed down to give you a real feel of the impact of the tropical moisture which has been streaming north. sort of a conveyor belt all the way from south florida up the eastern seaboard today in with the remnants of nicole fuelling the moisture. this line of red is really where we have seen the tornadoes and the wind shear develop. we have seen 6 inches to 7 inches of r
. we had tornado warnings around st. mary's and calvert counties. right now the area is under a tornado watch until 1:00 p.m. the remnants of nicole are around south florida. we have a tropical conveyor belt of moisture and it is all moving northward, right into the mid atlantic and the state of maryland. we have more than 4 inches of rain likely. we could see more than 6 inches by the end of tomorrow. flash flooding occurring around the district and south of baltimore. the tornado watch is in effect until 1:00 p.m. there is also a high-wind advisory. let's check of the morning commute. >> it has been a mess. was a tanker truck that overturned on eastbound 70. we still have all lanes closed in the eastbound direction until the patapsco river bridge. it has been up writing, but the closure remains in effect. you are forced off at southbound 29. watch for heavy delays back heavy 40. you can see the delays from wilkins because of an accident on the outer loop. cold spring at loch raven, another accident. that one is still taking up the right lane. you can see the delays forming. northbound
] >>> this is fox 5 news edge at 11. >>> we start the news edge in calvert county, maryland where a shooting spree has police officers on alert following targeted attacks. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. two homeowners homes were hit by gunfire. they are looking into the connection between violence and recent gang arrests. >> reporter: two homes and two shootings in two days have law enforcement officers in calvert county on edge. the sheriff there says someone is taking aim at police officers. >> and they were about a mile and a half apart from each other. and both of them were police force. so we don't believe that it was a random act. we believe that they targeted police officers. >> everybody stepped up on their own edge for this. it is not necessarily where this happened. this is all over the county now. so we are keeping our eyes open and more alert. >> reporter: on saturday a st. mary's deputy's car was shot in chesapeake ranch state in lesby. >> i heard a car coming up the road. a rapid pop pop pop pop pop heard about five shots. >> reporter: neighbors heard the gunfire. two bullets
. those pink counties to our south, calvert and st. mary's. that's a tornado warning, extending through 7:00. because of doppler radar-indicated rotation, which is the first sign that something may drop from the clouds, a funnel cloud and touch the ground. nothing has been confirmed on the ground as of yet. pushing to the north at 40 miles per hour. so this thing is racing to the north. next one on the list could very well be anne arundel county. we're watching it right now. we could take it in closer, you can see what appears to be circulation around the orange shading near chesapeake beach and through eagle harbor. we'll watch that area head up towards the north at nearly 40 miles per hour. really a deal, you may be dealing with this shortly. shady side and annapolis. it's just heavy rain. we'll watch this storm, could race to your location, you could be next on the list. right now, look at rainfall, annapolis, over two inches. edgemere, 2.63 inches and anywhere from an inch and a half to over two inches of rain in most locations. flooding already an issue this morning. storm drains are
to the north at 20 miles an hour. the heavy stuff to the east across eastern prince georges, calvert counties, as well. this is coming from southern maryland where they have really been hit hard. another area of moderate rainfall to the north through montgomery county, loudoun county and lifting to frederick and carroll counties on i-70. a lot of rain out there. as we zoom in you will see the heavy showers in and around the metro. upper marlboro south and east coming down, cats and dogs and jason in the chat room said guinea pigs and everything at the same time. let's switch over to the storm totals from what we have been watching. locally you see the bands of the heavier totals to the west but southern maryland n to the northern neck, we have seen some numbers down there -- doppler estimates in the six- inch category already. that's this rainfall from the storm total. talk about the rain potential through saturday morning. some of our models are indicating this one band off to the eastern -- parts of eastern carolina to the eastern shore could be in excess of seven, eight inches. locally thr
9:45 this morning. so again a tornado warning just issued for southeastern calvert county and eastern st. mary's county until 9:45. we have severe thunderstorms pushing through and racing at about 50 miles per hour. we'll give you updates in just a minute. back to you at the desk. allison and gurvir. >> thanks so much, tuck. >>> and our team coverage continues. sarah simmons is live from closed roads in the area. >> reporter: we are at beach drive and connecticut avenue. and the rain has been coming down steadily throughout the morning. at some points it's heavier than others and it's kind of lifted by now but you can see where it is -- >> obviously the weather has been causing problems. sarah, are you still with us? i thought i heard her for a second. >> well our coverage does continue with a look at the traffic. >> this is never ending. this is southbound 395 out of d.c. at washington boulevard where the main line of traffic is blocked. no one is getting by. 395 at the scene of the accident with fire and rescue equipment responding. delays building from the pentagon sout
maryland. >> it's a dolphin skull that is estimated to be 16 million years old. it was found in calvert county. these are pictures from the excavation from calvert cliffs. it was found three months ago and this weekend students from an evolution class at harrisburg university helped dig the whole thing out. a paleontologist from the calvert marine museum said the dolphin was underwater. it died and was covered. the fossil will be on display at the museum in just a few weeks. >>> 6:53. sticking with that theme, carving out a big storm in the atlantic, igor, this one 150 mile-per-hour winds, the eye about 15 nautical miles apart. and the storm itself looks very healthy and looks like it may strengthen a little bit today. goes through these eyewall replacement cycles and may weaken a little there and into the open waters of the atlantic ocean. julia behind it, no threat to land but watching igor. category 4 storm may briefly hit category 5, gradually weaken and then spread out lots of waves could hit bermuda, stay away from the east coast with big waves by ocean city expected for this wee
of the rain is raining across anne arundel, eastern charles and st. mary's and calvert county but it will wind down shortly. the clouds have been back toward us keeping the temperatures at bay. in the low 80s. go to the radar and zoom in a little bit and you can see how the storm is moving in. it is almost even with cbs hictague here. i put the winds down with the radar. we will go to my night an you can see the storm had big winds. as we went through overnight they had more gusts. norfolk gusts of 28. through now, winds 32 hatteras, 22 norfolk. 28 ocean city. the winds mainly off shore. in fact this buoy here, north winds gusting to 38. that is east of fenwick island. that is where the heart of the heaviest winds are. still in ocean city with winds of 28 miles an hour and big waves it has been an impressive morning. scott, how's it going out there now? >> the story so far has been the surf. the winds have been relatively manageable, not much more than 2 -- 20 to 25 miles an hour. the beef is close -- the beach is closed because of the threat of rip currents. i'm standing in water here. this i
.c., montgomery county, southern anne arundel county, prince george's county, calvert county, fredericksburg, king george county, the city of alexandria, fairfax, falls church, arlington county, loudoun county, fauquier county. i'm reading this to you because this just broke and we don't have the map ready yet. prince william county, fairfax county, even fauquier county. this is a flash flood warning. this is in effect until 10:45 a.m. this moons that flooding is imminent or has been observed already. you want to know that. flash flood warning in effect for essentially all of the area. and a tornado watch now in effect -- let's see. i'll let you know how long that is in effect just shortly. that includes washington, d.c., anne arundel county, prince george's county. that is in effect until 1:00. let's get to max 2. we can show you that map there. the areas covered by the tornado watch in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. what that means is that conditions are good for the possibility of the formation of tornadoes. this is a watch. if we get any indication that there is rotation in the atmosphere o
arundel, calvert and st. mary's counties in the eastern part of theorthern neck. northern montgomery county, southern loudoun, into prince william county, and that is continui to move south to north, as well. another area ofsome very heavy rain right near fredericksburg and just about to come in to stafford count that's going to be advancing to the north and moveight into prince william county over the next, perhaps half hour or so. and the radar shows another broad area of rain tha is to our south. so this is not done yet. this is going to continue all of the way into this afternoon and early this eveni as these waves of heavy rain continue to move on through. again we have flood warnings now throughout much of the region because many of the smallreeks and streams are out of their banks and flowing er roads, and once again, watch out for the pontding of water. temperatures around the region now are in the 60s generly. 70s on the eastern shore. 69 in washington. and this flow of the atmosphere, all having to do with the remnants of tropical storm nicole. right now the rculation from
. especially down toward leanardtown and lusby and calvert county. unfortunately, the next batch is going essentially the same way. even inland a little bit. we had 3, 4, 5 inches of rain across the immediate metro area. now let's talk about live activity. all right, here's what we have now live. pretty much every county is under a flood warning right now. we had the warning at the bottom of your screen. these are heavy storms. not severe, but they are rain producers from gaithersburg and down towards anne arundel. they show little movement. they are training as one leaves, another one developments. that's going to push off to the north. we do have another batch of activity and we'll come back and talk about when the heavy batch, because round two is on our doorstep. we'll break it down for you and tell you what that means for our friday morning commute. >> as you might have figured out, all this rain is causing problems from the bay all the way to the appalachians tonight. we have seen flooding and downed trees all over the place. in calvert county, the damage includes this house condem
' that on the northern neck. that is six inch plus rains there and the dark green in to calvert and st. mary's county and a little stretch from western fairfax, prince william, south of stafford those are two to three inch totals. we are an inch or so here. these are doppler estimates. we will get ground observations coming in and you can e-mail those if you go to wusa9.com and submit a storm report or go to facebook.com/been person and post it there for me -- facebook.com/howard bernstein and post it there for me. switch it over to our tighten computer. , we will show you the rain we have been watching. the lightning and thunder down there. a little in the northern neck but right now not as much lightning. just moving northward to southern maryland. may see lightning and thunder with that. back to the weather computer one more time and show you the potential for rainfall. off to the south and east, at least through midnight we are talking about some areas in eastern virginia down through the northern neck, southern maryland, eastern shore eight inches plus. >> wow! >> we are already five or six. so
. these are pictures of the whole experience. this happened in calvert cliffs, that area there. the excavation. the skull was found three months ago. this weekend students from an evolution class at harrisburg university helped to dig it out. the fossil will be on display at the calvert marine museum in a few weeks. check it out. >>> a bus hijacking ends with a fiery crash. >> the whole thing caught on tape. we'll show you. plus, how the scary ordeal ended. >> and just when you thought they made headway another setback for crews battling a devastating wildfire in colorado. >> first, let's check the trains and bus was mark jones. >> good morning. the commute start is good now on light rail and the metro subway. both operating on time. on the buses the number 36 and 55 both running about 15 to 20 minutes late. the number 5 and the 19 and 27 and 91 diverted at fayette and eutaw due to construction. look for the 10 and 30 buses to be working with a diversion in the area of light and pratt, also construction. marc on time. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. [ male announcer ] this is the way
it around fairfax county, sait. mary's county, calvert county. we'll continue thooz rain. dry this afternoon and look at all this moisture making its way to the south. we'll continue to see this rain making its way to the district. where is it coming from? down towards north carolina, and this is just incredibly heavy rain since saturday. again, wilmington receiving nearly 18 inches of rain, but you can continueo go all the way down toward the caribbean just off miami. this is the remnant of tropical storm nicole. this moisture has to come up, and there is even more moisture behind that down towards cuba. so again, 're talking about a lot of rain, and tomorrow morning it could be falling around the area. if you're sending the kids off to school, make sure they take the umbrella, maybe the galoshes. 63 currently in sterling and in frederick, 65 down towards quantico. there's that moisture feed right out of the tropics making its way toward the region, and that's why i think we could easily see two to four inches of rain right along the i-95 corridor. one inch back toward the mountains and en
fredericksburg. about to move in to charles county and places in calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel especially have been hit very, very hard this morning. they have already had a couple of inches of rain. and we now have some new watches. before we go there, devon, maybe we can show the storm totals we have been watching since yesterday as these rain totals are piling up. this is one of the reasons we are talking about a threat of flooding. the flood watch is in affect. and you can see the green areas. fairfax county, woodbridge, stafford. those are two to three inch storm totals. four to six inch totals across parts of southern maryland down route 4 in to calvert and st. mary's county and even six inch totals across the northern neck. back to the weather computer. if we can, i want to show you the moisture streaming in from the south. low pressure coming out of south carolina already produced upwards of 20 inches of rain in eastern north carolina. obviously flooding is going on there. this will be with us for the day. maybe lessening later in the afternoon. you can see how the mois
warning now in effect until 7:00 a.m. for southeastern calvert county in southern maryland and eastern st. mary's county in southern maryland. doppler radar indicates a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado near st. mary's city. the storm is moving to the north at 40 miles per hour. locations that could be impacted include patuxent naval air station, lusby, st. learn arrested reek, places like that. -- st. leonard creek, places like that. the tornado warning is in effect for the next 40 minutes. we'll keep our eyes on that area as well an let you know as more warnings pop up. >> all right. thank you. appreciate it. >> well, september is typically a bad month for the stock market but was there a change this year? >> we'll find out coming up in our business beat straight ahead. >>> you knew it was coming and we will indeed find out if the cost of a postage stamp is going up. the post office wants to raise the price of mailing a first class letter by two cents up to 46 cents. an independent panel is deciding if the post office should get that price hike. their decision is expect
southern maryland. this is just outside of our viewing area. the reason we're mentioning this, in calvert and st. mary's county, this stuff is moving to the north at 40 miles per hour. next on the list, most likely anne arundel county. we can watch this thing right now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we have five sweeps through the chesapeake, one coming through right now. near golden beach, we highlighted what appears to be rotation, little hook or comma shape in that orange shading and this is racing to the north at about 40 miles per hour. locations here include uh, california, town creek, st. leonard creek, calvert cliff, all in the location of a potential tornado as indicated by doppler radar at 6:16 this morning. just six minutes ago. racing to the north at 40 miles per hour. if you know anybody in these locations, alert them to seek coverage right now. it's indicated by doppler, not spotted on the ground. when we have these landfalling tropical systems. there's potential of spinning twisters up throughout the morning and into the afternoon. that's why the rest of us have t
estates in calvert county. a patrol car also shot up. >> anytime that you have police officers who are targeted, you know, you could be that police officer. >> reporter: the state trooper wasn't home; but it's where his wife and five-year-old child was sleeping. the deputy and his family, including a three-year-old toddler, were home at the time. >> this is so unusual for calvert county. >> reporter: detectives are looking at gang retaliation as a possible motive after recent arrests of gang members. the sheriff said he's not made a direct link to gang activity, but he says gang members have made verbal death threats against the deputies, and ever since the shootings this past weekend, he said he's told his department and other law enforcement to take the necessary precautions. law enforcement who live at the chesapeake ranch estates have made a mass exodus. >> my son, for instance, moved his wife and child out, and the state police, our sheriff deputies have all taken that same kind of action until we get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: officers raided this home saturday night
. the national weather service just issued that warning t covers parts of anne arundel county, calvert county and st. mary's county. we are also under a floodwatch this morning as this massive storm system soaks most of the east coast. it stretches from the southern tip of florida up to new york state. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. let's get straight over to tucker to find out about the weather situation. >> yes, very danny gonzalez russ conditions out there. we have this tornado warning. let's get right to it. hd radar will show you all the activity across the area. tornado warning for just a few more minutes here for south central anne arundel county, calvert county and eastern st. mary's county. that is east of the district. owings, dunkirk, long beach, calvert beach, st. leonard and tracy's landing all in the path of this line of thunderstorm activity. i will focus in and show new area. other than if you are not seeing tornadoes, along this line, we are seeing extremely intense thunderstorm activity, wind gusts over 40 miles per hour and heavy rain as well. the rain rates have been in
thursday morning? back to you. >> topper, one of the hardest hit area was in calvert county, maryland, and that's where scott broome joins us. scott, just how bad are things where you are today? >> reporter: well, just a lot of rain fall here. i was looking at the computer at the naval air station south of us. 8 1/2 inches of rain. i'm in the chesapeake ranch estates here in lusby. take a look at this house behind me here. a mud slide. this front yard got so saturated with water, the yard literally slid under the foundation of this house, completely took out the foundation. this house has been condemned. completely unlivable with mud and water in the basement. just one example of the woes here in calvert county and further north in annapolis. a really miserable day with flooding. >> 10:00 a.m., high tide in annapolis. waterfront merchants scrambling to sandbag their store fronts in a miserable pounding rain. >> my basement is flooding because of all the heavy rain coming in from my neighbor's lots. >> but at the unfortunately named storm brothers ice cream factory, the battle was
light to moderate rain moving into st. mary's, calvert counties. that is going to be the leading edge of the beginning of really the affected second round. st. mary's city and up towards lusbee. it is all moving south up to the north. i want to go back to that line of thunderstorms that prompted the flash flood warning. you see, this line of very strong storms from dulles to near centerville, down towards manassas. that line of storms will continue a trend off to the north and that is the heaviest of the storms out there right now. i expect the rest of the metro later this weekend. top. >> go back to the computer quickly. round two, this is what it means. 2 to 3 inches in the immediate metro area and our friends to the east, anne arundel cant and parts of prince georges county and southern maryland, an additional 3 to 5 inches of rain tonight. we'll come back and break down exactly what time frame that's going to occur in and what that means for your morning commute again tomorrow. lesley. >> well the heavy rain made a mess in the district causing flash floods that left some pe
. as tornado watches were reported from st. mary's, calvert and anne arundel countiesut never seemed to materialize. even as the rain let up in the afternoon, drivers dreaded the commute home. >> you know, people drive a little slower when it's rainy like this. it gets a little slippy and different things like that. you need to be more cautious. >> reporter: here in upper marlboro, residents summoned to the courthouse for jury duty found that the water even made walking difficult. >> we were crossing the street coming down here. the water was splashing all over the place. they couldn't even see us coming out. but it was teible this morning coming down. they canceled our case. >> reporter: now, in 2008, upper marlboro had flooding, six feet of water on the streets and some businesses suffered serious damages. news 4 at 6:00, we'll revisit some of those people and find out why tonight they are still fearing flooding. live in kensington, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. >>> the stormy weatr tossed around the chesapeake bay making for rough surf around calvert county here. rising
reported fr st. mary's, calvert and anne arundel counties. the threat continued to move north but so far has failed to materialize. this is chrisgordon, news 4. >>> several schools have canceled their evening classes and activities because of all this weather. all the evening activities have all the public schools in st. mary's have been canceled. theouth campus instructional building and the manakee building have power and will remain open for classes. for the rest of the rockwell campus, all the evening activities have be canceled. >>> in northeast d.c., five people were rescued after driving through some high water. none of them seriously injured. part of rhode island avenue was shut down, but it is back open now. we'll have more on the storm's impact in the distct coming up in our next half hour. >>> news 4s a learned of an arrest in the murder of a high school football player. 16-year-old jamal bell was shot after leaving a go-go party at a church in june. two other teenagers were also injured in that shooting. police aested 17-year-old zachary sims. they've charged him with first d
by and by about 9:15 errand calvert beach and prince frederi around 9:20 based on the track of the storm and speed. and maybe by calvert county by 9:28. rightow it does appear that this is a strong thunderstorm th may have some rotation in it. in fact, there may even be a water spout right here over the tidal potomac. we've had several here as there is a long line of heavy downpours now crossing the esapeake bay and heading off to the north, now right near annapolis. they've had repeated waves of heavy rain there. each one of these particular storm cells has the poteial of producing water spouts, which are like tornadoes, but they're over water. and they generly have winding of about 30 to 35 miles an hour. but these are heavier storms just now beginning to move to southern maryland. and there's also farther to our west another area of some very heavy rain that is now moving through the western section of the northern nk of virginia. this is a long train of rain that stretches all of the way down into southern viinia and out of the southeast virginia area into eastern north carolina. you can see t
, calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel counties, rain advisories. then wind advisories in effect until this afternoon. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour then the flash flood warning that remains in effect for the entire metro area as we are looking at localized flooding. areas shadeed in yellow is the heaviest rain. to the south, shaded in green, so letting up over the next couple of hours, but we have another band of storps and showers that will move towards north for the mid-morning hours, a lot of rain will fall. take a look at these rainal totals so far on our weatherbug network. since midnight. huntington, 6.9, milford, virginia 6.2. over two inches of rain. the district holding consistent. howard university. head over to children's hospital. just around an inch of rain. we will see anywhere between 2-5 inches of rain by the time this system moves on out of here. localized areas may see more than that. especially off towards the east towards the delmarva peninsula. in the most of the metro area, farings, arlington, points to the east until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. lisa? >> well,
over the bay and hit the eastern sections of anne arundel county and calvert county. we will point up to the north and west. one area that is still fairly heavy off to the west now. it will cross over 40 and 70. it is west of meyersville and northwest of middletown and frederick county and produce heavy rain but nothing severe. let's go to the computer. tonight, flash flood watch, rain and thunderstorms. some heavy, some severe. low temperatures 65 to 70. winds south southeast at 10 to 20 and gusty. we will say it again. we say it every time. flood watch, don't cross a flooded street by car or foot. check the sump pump and basement attic before the next round rolls in. and we think by evening you can see by 11:00 some showers out to manassas. heavier activity to the south and east. but for the most part in the immediate metro area i think we will escape with good old fashion rain which we really need. tomorrow morning, showers will end. breezy and mild. i'd go ahead and prepare for a wet commute, though. 65 to 75 for temperatures and by afternoon, decreasing cloudiness, breezy and mil
:00 for the western side of the bay here from harford county to the calvert county area. a tornado watch until 7:00. we still have the flash flood warning and the coastal flood warnings until tomorrow morning. we're figure to see more of that. it's because the waters have been pushing with the south and southeasterly winds the last couple of days. it's like a huge bathtub. it pushes the waters up to the west side of the bay. when they turn back to the northwest it will push the water out of the bay. that's not expected to happen until tomorrow. still more high tide and more flooding. 20, 25 knots. it's enough that it's been pushing the water over the last two days. look at assume of the high tides. bowly's had a high tide and going to a low tide. annapolis late tonight. chesapeake beach. no doubt we'll see more flooding. look at the stream of moisture from east of florida and the bahamas up to maine, southern canada, just a stream of tropical moisture. it as a rich field of moisture. still headed our way. we could easily see two to three more inches of rain. that tropical moisture continues to f
for st. mary's and calvert counties. this is like a tropical storm that extends from south florida and combining with a stationary front and an area of low pressure. it will move up into new york state. we have more than 5 inches of rain expected. we could see some heavier amounts locally. we are on the top of the scale. we have a flash flood warnings to the south of baltimore. ooling on thepu roads already. a tornado watch. there will be some gusty winds associated with this thing. the wind is changing direction. that means a tornado watch for the entire viewing area until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. we have wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour. this is a hybrid storm. the tropical storm dissipated. all of that moisture combined with this period of low pressure and a stalled out front. it will be a slow-mover as it treks up the 95 corridor. we were in a drought situation just a few days ago. some thunderstorms could be civil war. 72 to 75. -- some thunderstorms could be severe. we assume on in. more of these heavy batches of rain, even into 10:00 p.m. tonight. even in 2:09 a.m.
one at calvert and 30th that does involve an overturn the call. mount vernon was shut down because of the baltimore book festival. there is a disabled truck. this is a quick live look outside. 95 south of aberdeen. an overturned vehicle has been moved to the side. this is 70 in the area of 29. further west, watch for delays. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. sandra shaw joins us live downtown previewing the baltimore book festival. >> we have a variety of artists and food and drink. check out these drinks. this is quite a feast. the green pit bull smoothie. this is a bit intense. you just came up with that. >> we have some cherry tomatoes, lemon vodka, and rye whiskey. >> that sounds amazing. you do sustainable farming and do all organic request we're trying to promote sustainability. that is one of our big hit to. >> i would take a sip of that but i think it is early. . >> we have pineapple juice, soy milk, protein powder, and banana. >> that sounds amazing. you can pour me that. it opens at 11:00 if you want to have a pitbulls mo smoothie. they love the dogs there. today wo
following counties until 1:00 this afternoon. annn arundel, baltimore county, baltimore city, calvertcaroline county, carroll, cecil, -oward, kent, mmnttomery, prrnce george's, queen ann's sooersst, watch until 1:00. >>> coming up we are keeping an eye on he storm. meteorologist steve fertig is tracking the rain oon to your neiihborhood. that is cooing uppafter the break. >> reporter: i'm meteorolooist emily gracie live -s fells point where we > meteorologist emily gracie is waking uppat fells ppint with all of the watchessand warnings, and it's been rainiig and pouring all morning long, emily. ú%> pouring, and we have been seeing bands of rrin starting late yesterday afternoon. it has ot stopped nd we it's 3 stopping. it's hit orrmiss but mmny areas are seeinggquite a bit of flooding and up to my ankles in definitely an issue across the area. we have much watches and warningg in pllce as the system3 moves through the arra. theee's the threet of severe weather as well. a tornado watch ii effect until this afteenoon for pretty much all counties around thh area. a flood watch
of 95 and clip maybe st. mary's county and calvert county. late tonight i'm thinking east of town will be the bull's eye. and really, over the past several hours, west of town has been the bull's eye. we will switch gears and go to live doppler 9000 hd. you can access this all the time on our website at wusa9.com. and check out our weather app for the iphone. it is good stuff. around town a couple of light showers are popping up in fairfax, prince william county. but everything is light. and light activity 95, leonardtown and southern maryland. heaviest activity by far is north and west of town and still, no exceptions. i mean this is heavy rain around charlestown, blue month, around -- bluemont, over route 7 and skim purcellville and head up to hillsborough and heavy up to brunswick. this is where the heavy activity is right now. west of town and east of town as we get in to the late hours on the and early tomorrow morning. all of us should allow extra time to get to work tomorrow, though. go to the computer now. the forecast for on the, flash flood watch is in affect, rain and t
to the south, again, already seeing some light-to-moderate rain moving up into calvert county, southern maryland, that is on its way up into the baltimore area. we're getting a break now. make that run to the store because as we go into the next few hours we expect more heavy rain to trudge in out of the south. you can see the culprittings giant area of low pressure stalled out over western north carolina. just surging the moisture, showers and storms right into maryland here. so we're going to keep that going. the forecast model keeps the rain around tonight, this is 7:00 tomorrow morning, may still be a wet commute. finally the showers clear out by tomorrow afternoon. so that flood watch expires mid-morning tomorrow and and into wednesday a dry start but looks like more rain may come from the south wednesday night into thursday morning. overnight, 69. rain with a flood watch. some of those downpours will be heavy at times. 2-degree guarantee tomorrow 79. scattered showers and maybe a thundershower in the mix. tomorrow night we finally begin to dry out and get much cooler as we go down
. >>> law enforcement in calvert county are searching for people who fired in to the homes of several officers. the trooper was not home but his wife and 5-year-old child were inside. the deputy and his family were home when the shooting happened. detectives are looking at gang retaliation as a motive after recent arrest of gang members. investigators are surgerying for a man who escaped police custody in baltimore. paul palmer slipped away from police, who were transporting him to a jail on murder charges. authorities say he tried to stab a man to death. palmer is a 32-year-old white male last seen driving a key what spectra with maryland tags and a spare tire on one of the wheels. >>> investors look to begin a new rally after a string of good financial reports. >>> and two communities hold programs for small businesses in our region. 9 news now is just getting started. stay no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, with us. >>> welcome back. we are tracking traffic westbound here on route a 0 to 495. looking good out there. nothing to tell you about. fist the news with
the baptist in silver spring, new market elementary in frederick county and northern middle school in calvert county. >>> a d.c. post office could soon hold the name of a late civil rights activist. wants to remain the post office after dorothy height. height championed countless efforts for equality and racial justice. the bill should be introduced next week. >>> the time is 4:59. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >>> new video overnight of a fiery explosion. dozens of homes go up in flames. what caused the massive fire balls in northern california. >>> don't ask, don't tell, a federal judge rules the controversial policy is unconstitutional. >>> the race for d.c. mayor, new allegations of voting fraud and call for an investigation. >>> good morning. i'm pat law son muse.
is targeting law enforcement officers in calvert county, maryland. someone sprayed two homes with bullets. a st. mary's county sheriffs deputy lives in one house and a maryland state trooper lives in the other. the families of both officers were home when the shots rang out. officers have been told to take necessary precautions. >> my son just moved his wife and child out. state police, our sheriffs deputies have taken that same action until we get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: investigators believe the shootings may be in retaliation of the recent arrest of suspected gang members. they say some alleged gang members have openly threatened officers. >>> a suspect wanted in connection with a deadly shooting in fairfax county is now in police custody. 44-year-old david patten has been charged. they say that he shot and killed 48-year-old steven carr. the victim's body was found in his home along field master drive near siden striker road last night. investigators say the men knew each other, but at this point there is no word on a motive. >>> some residents in the adams morgan community are
in calvert county, and the chesapeake ranch estates in lusby. a maryland state troopers who were shot at and someone fired at a st. mary's county sheriff's deputies home and car. no injuries and so far no arrests. >>> and to the weather. a weekend of much-needed rain but sunny skies are back. steve, i know we had a big deficit. >> we picked up anywhere between half an inch and an inch of rain. the sun is shining, the fog had diminished. looking at a relatively nice afternoon ahead. take a look at what is going on outside. 75 degrees in leesburg, 70 in gaithersburg and fairfax is at 72. radar shows the clouds eroding and plenty of sunshine. high temperatures, lower to middle 80's. take a look at the extended outlook. a chance of showers toward the end of the upcoming work week. more details in just a few minutes. >>> it is a the win skins fans have been waiting for. at the dallas cowboys showed up to take on the new and improved teams and redskins fever is taking the region by storm. courtney robinson got an earful. a >> for moments it seems the redskins-cowboys rivalry would end with
that includes montgomery, fairfax, prince william's, and points toward the east. a wind advisory for calvert county, and anne arundel county. two to 5 inches across most of the area. we will add to that overnight. showers will stick around for the day tomorrow. 75 degrees at reagan national airport. here is our forecast. 72, to 78. periods of rain once again tonight. for the day tomorrow, 72, to 76. here is a quick look at extended outlook -- high temperatures saturday and sunday in the 60's with lots of sunshine. >> looking forward to the weekend. that will be a nic host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >>> former president jimmy carter is expected to be released from the ohio hospital any minute. he was hospitalized in cleveland after complaining of an upset stomach. doctors say it was likely a viral infec
. alexandria virginia, prince william county and calvert county maryland made the list. cities are chosen based on their community's dedication to help students graduate from high school. no. 4, finally encouraging economic news, home construction jumped 10 1/2% last month, but some economists say those numbers are a bit deceiving because apartments and condos made up a bilk of the construction instead of single family -- bulk of the construction instead of single family home. single family home construction was only up 4%. >>> no. 3, looks like the baggage fees are paying off. the international air transport association says airline profits for 2010 will likely total $9 billion. the industry lost nearly 26 billion from 2008 to 2009. u.s. airlines are expected to earn 3.5 billion this year. no. 2, forget about burgers and fries. a cough could be making your kids fat. a doctor says the adeno virus 36 not only causes the common cold but could be a major factor in childhood obesity. he says 80% of the kids who have that particular virus are obese, but more studies need to be done. no. 1, if you wo
flash-flood wwrning and a windhe advisory inn he northeasttpart bay ttward calvert county where we haddthe early tornado warnings and up towaad pg countt and nne arundel county as you3 see there. the wind will be a factor and the eav heavy downpours will continue and we will bring it through the afternoon nd evening long.3 because it's going to continue for some long. -auren cooke with the traffic edge. a busy morning coming up. steve.orter: busy morning, the rain is having an impact on ttouble in howard county where we arr deallng with a crashú along interstate 70. it has been shutdown the eastbound lane beeween columbia ridge. two accidents on the 83, one ú%ong thh southhound lanes t timmnium road and another at the beltway. we do have trouble on the top side where we're dealing with a policeeinvolved accident along the outer loop at greenspring avenue. ii you're traveling at harford rrad, it's really raining out there. do expect reduced visibility and %-possible.eeds if you at t all if you're traveling on 95, we do have an accident in whitemarsh ú%at is blocking one sou
but sherrie johnson is live this morning. >> we're on calvert street in baltimore where the mayor will hold a briefing at the department of transportation, the management center, talking about hurricane preparedness. down in annapolis, that's where they are already getting prepared. there are people preparing in several places in annapolis, people are making sure their boats are okay. hurricane isabel that hit in 2003 brought back all sorts of memories for boaters, even the annapolis mayor josh cohen is not taking any chances. >> i think we don't know right now if it's going wallop the area or be just some rain and wind but we're taking every step to prepare as if it's a major hurricane that hits us. >> reporter: hurricane earl has annapolis on stand by. they are hosting race week, that brings hundreds of boats to the area, but of course officials will keep a close eye on the weather, if there's extreme high winds, then of course they will make other arrangements. reporting live in downtown baltimore. >>> emergency management officials have advice for people planning to head to ocean city f
, calvert county, maryland, being honored this year. you can see the list at myfoxdc.com. >>> might be a day off for the redskins. team making headlines. a big name is cut loose two games into the season. dave feldman up next with the sports edge. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant. >>> good afternoon. i'm -- good afternoon, i'm dave feldman. the redskins have let go of larry johnson. they said they needed to make a roster move against the rams. he played in a reserve role, carrying the ball just five times for two yards. talk about missed opportunities. this past weekend, prior to the overtime against the texans, redskins had good chances to close it out. 6
rain in easton and calvert counties but the rain in to warrenton and amissville approaching 6 and faulkier county it is lifting to the north at 20 to 25 miles an hour. that's the heaviest we have now. we will have to watch it because a flood watch is in affect. up i 60s in the shenandoah valley. cambridge 73. we start warm and i think we finish warm. i think highs upper 70s north an west and 85 with enough sunshine this afternoon. by noon 80 degrees. maybe a leftover shower. breezy and partly sunny. 4:31. angie's back. >> all right. thank you, howard. hope you are off to a great start this morning. we will watch our speed because we have wet roads to contend with. no problems to report. drivers are moving at speed up to the mixing bowl. as you con to 395, lanes are nice and wide open to the 14th street bridge. we want to take you to the maps and show you route 4, route 5 and 301 crane highway. nice and quiet out this way. on the outer loop, construction free from 95 to 270 and finally wrap it up with inbound new york avenue. looks like we are looking at one smooth ride through
in to southern calvert as well over to the northern neck. this is really starting to come down. but this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. a lot of rain is expected. back on the weather computer and show you what is happening. a flood watch midnight to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. we are expecting a lot of rain and this flood watch will go up and down from the carolinas in to new york state and new england. how much rain are we talking about? well, this is one computer model. i just want to show you this because when we start to see the oranges here, we are talking four to five inches and we have pockets of it. the red is even three to four inches. we will show you tighter amounts coming up later, and plus talk about the storm and what the time frame is and what the weekend is looking like when i see you in 12 minutes or so. back to you. an update on the dead deadly daylight shooting on u street northwest. officers arrested brandon miller last night. police believe he's one of two gunman who opened fire on mourners attending a funeral yesterday. however, police are still looking for another sus
calvert street an woodley road. the road will take place 7 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. during that time, traffic will be reduced to one lane on connecticut avenue and no on street parking allowed. >>> get ready for three years of work in the rosslyn section of arlington. next month the traffic pattern will change along north moore street in preparation for the expansion pangs of the metro station. right now there is just one entrance. work to add another entrance and three elevators should be finished in the spring of 2012. >>> looking at the living well headlines, the american academy of pediatrics is calling for a ban on all tobacco ads and new limits on capitol advertising. the association says $25 billion worth of cigarettes, alcohol and description drug advertising is working against efforts to keep children and teens from experimenting with drugs. the group insists legal drugs pose the greatest dangers to kids because they are the earliest drugs used. >>> researchers are trying to get the word out about a potential treatment for a disease. and clinical trials are underway for the treatment
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